Fabulous Facts About Ober Gatlinburg

Among the best-loved attractions in the entire Smoky Mountains area is Ober Gatlinburg. Known for its winter recreation opportunities such as snowboarding, skiing, and tubing, it also provides endless summertime fun with water slides and more. No matter if you are a regular visitor or are planning your first adventure to Ober, the following information can help make the most of your experience. Keep reading to discover some truly fun facts about Ober Gatlinburg.

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  1. Only Ski Resort In Tennessee

Prior to its transformation into the Ober Gatlinburg you see today, the property was known as Gatlinburg Ski Resort. The attraction’s origins date back to 1962, starting as a private club that soon made itself open to the general public. In the old days, the facility was comrpised primarily of just a lodge, a few ski slopes, and a rope tow. Because the Aerial Tramway did not yet exist, ski enthusiasts had to motor up the sometimes treacherous Mount Harrison to reach the resort. These days, however, Ober Gatlinburg is known far and wide as a top spot for snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding.

  1. History Of The Aerial Tramway

Are you aware of the fact that the resort itself and the Aerial Tramway were not always part of the same attraction? IN 1972, construction began on the lower portion of the Tramway so that visitors would have an easier time reaching the resort, with it opening to the public in August of 1973. The Anders Family then purchased the resort in 1975, deciding to link it together with the Tramway. Just a short time later, the resort was rebranded as Ober Gatlinbug, a nod to the German term for “top” or “upper.”

  1. Resort Offers Year-Round Fun

Ober Gatlinburg is far more than just wintertime fun. The skiing at the resort is just a portion of what is on offer, as there is a year-round amusement part that includes rides, miniature golf, and more. Those who visit in the summer months are sure to delight in the three different water rides and water slides that really help beat the heat of a Tennessee summer. Among the attraction’s most popular features are its alpine slide, chairlift, Wildlife Encounter, and ice skating, of course.

  1. Two Convenient Locations

There are actually two distinct park areas that comprise Ober Gatlinburg. Atop Mount Harrison is the ski facility and amusement park, and then there is the Aerial Tramway in Gatlinburg’s downtown hub. Visitors can take full advantage of shopping as wel as dining opportunities at the Tramway Mall. This is also where one will find the indoor ice arena, which features conventional skating as well as bumper cars on ice! There are additional shopping and dining options on Mount Harrison in addition to seemingly endless activities for youg and old. It is easy to get to and from the separate attractions by using the Aerial Tramway, which also provides stunning views of the Gatlinburg Area and the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Help For The Color Blind

Are you aware of the fact that Ober Gatlinburg features one of the only three color blindness viewing aids in the entire state? These help those suffering from color blindness to enjoy the vivid colors of fall foliage for which the area is known. This is a wonderful experience for anyone who has never had the chance to bask in the reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn.

Visiting Ober Gatlinburg

With year-round fun for visitors and locals alike, Ober Gatlinburg is one of America’s treasures. There are things to do for every age group, interest, and tolerance for adventure. If you enjoy the thrill of rushing downhill on skiis, or you simply want to take in the natural beauty of this part of the world, Ober is for you. If you are planning your very first Ober experience, be prepared to be impressed. If you are among those who return year in and year out, it is no mystery why!