Why people love to visit Singapore

Why people love to visit Singapore

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Singapore is a city and a country too, and it is like anywhere else in Southeast Asia. It is wealthy, clean, and efficient. Singapore has the best airport in the world. When you fly into Singapore, you instantly get in love with the airport. Changi International airport Singapore has the world’s most giant kinetic art sculpture by the name of ‘’Kinetic Rain’’. It also has butterfly gardens, free 24/7 movie theater, koi pond, comfortable seating’s with power sockets (including USB), free Wi-Fi, and reasonable prices of snacks that make air travel to and from Singapore a lot more pleasant.

When you enter the city, you realize that there are no seasonal variations in Singapore throughout the year. Weather can be a challenge for exploring as it is often rainy and cloudy and continuously hot and humid.

There are so many things you love about Singapore. Some of these are:

It’s a prosperous city:

Singapore is a secure place to explore. The population of Singapore is a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay, but the universal language is English, so there is nothing to worry about communicating issues. Singapore is also low in crime, and even tap water, there is suitable for drinking. MRT is the public transport system that is reliable, clean, and inexpensive; that is why it’s equally useful for visitors. No one is allowed to eat and drink on board.

It’s green:

Singapore is commonly known as Garden city, and it lives up to its name. There are plenty of parks, streets are lined with huge trees, and downtown office buildings have gardens on their balconies and roofs. You can even go hiking in the rainforest in the state’s nature reserves. There are green corridors for pedestrians, and an old railway track is converted into a hidden park. The huge Singapore Botanical garden and riverside path at Marine Bay are its popular exercise spots.

Its environment-friendly:

Singapore is practically an environment-friendly city. Although Singapore is densely populated, you will find it almost empty in terms of private transport. Public transport is excellent, and there is no such need to have a personal vehicle. Singaporean love recycling, and you can find recycling bins everywhere.

Singapore has a diverse range of architecture, and each neighborhood has an entirely different feel from the futuristic Marina Bay to the chaos and vibrance of Little India.

Its architectural variety:

The architecture in Singapore is diverse, and there is an entirely different feel from the vibrancy of Little India to futuristic Marine Bay and the chaos.

  • In the financial district, there are towering skyscrapers
  • In Kampong Glam the mosques and wooden shuttered shophouses
  • Colonial hotels,
  • In little India Hindu temples and colorful buildings
  • Marine Bay with an ultra-modern structure
  • Art Deco towers

Its food heaven:

Singaporeans love to eat, and their cuisine is a multicultural mix of Indian, Malay, Chinese, and Western food. Cheap eats are found at hawker centers and food courts all over the city. The high-quality restaurants are much more expensive.


Visitors love Singapore as it is not quite like other cities in the world. The toughest thing is moving on from there. When you left Singapore, you realize how well maintained the city is run.