In the tourist area of ​​Magawish we will find the most important tourist attractions in the charming city of Hurghada, “Aquarium”, the largest and largest aquarium in the Middle East and North Africa in the seventh place in the world and is the first of its kind and the first zoo in The Red Sea.

The Grand Aquarium is just 5 minutes from Hurghada International Airport and close to many other hotels and attractions.

The aquarium is a huge glass basin of one million square kilometers, a huge glass-like passage 48 meters long and 11 meters deep beneath the glass basin. Behind this glass we will see water caves and animals swimming around us, colorful rocks and coral reefs of shapes and colors The delightful, where you can take a lot of memorial photos beside these amazing creatures.


Aquarius is a large house for many marine creatures such as fish, reptiles and coral reefs. There are a number of rare species that enjoy visitors to see and recognize the strangest organisms and their life cycle, we will find the types of sharks and manta fish.

The second stage of the aquarium has a large exhibition containing rare marine organisms such as lion fish, rare American crocodiles, wild prawns, sea crabs and other beautiful creatures. This exhibition was built from a glass floor to see the basin through it.

Aquarius is a rainforest with all its details, where there is heavy rainfall and intertwined trees. This forest is open like African forests known for its beautiful animals, birds, shapes, colors and reptiles.

In this rainforest we will see different species of birds such as ostriches, ducks, peacocks, beautiful flamencoes, pelicans, bats, eurasian and strong eagles. For animals there are monkeys, reptiles such as desert turtles, python, anaconda and others.

Aquarium is a simulation of marine life by walking through this huge aquarium and seeing these creatures near you and swimming around you, which makes visitors spend a wonderful time and fun for children.


There are also a number of bone structures for some animals and extinct reptiles and also some extinct birds of stupidity.

Dates of the Aquarium visit:

Accorium is available for visits from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

The duration of the trip within the aquarium is approximately three hours

Price of entry ticket to the aquarium:

– The price of the ticket for Egyptians 260 Egyptian pounds.

– Admission ticket for children from the age of three to ten years 130 Egyptian pounds.

– Children under 3 years of age are free to enter the aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium Address:

12 Km – Hurghada Safaga Road – Villages Road in front of Magawish Resort – Hurghada

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