Technical difficulties while submitting ESTA antrag

Technical difficulties while submitting ESTA antrag

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is an online application system designed by the Government of the United States of America to pre-screen the travelers before getting g board on an airplane or ship to the US. An ESTA runs under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and it was started on January 12. 2009 and foreign nationals who have been denied an ESTA, surely need to apply for the US visa to travel to the States. ESTA antrag is completely online and an applicant receives approval within 24 to 72 hours if fulfilling all the requirements for ETSA. It is an easy and quick way to get a permit to travel to the US for a short time (maximum 90 days).

But still, several technical problems could cause applicant problems. It is necessary to ensure that an applicant’s computer meets the minimum configuration requirements. These requirements for ESTA antrag include an internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption that must have JavaScript enabled and it must be able to accept cookies.

  • If there are no issues with the minimum configuration requirements then this could be a firewall or web browser problem. Applicant should check internet security settings and set them too low, because high internet security settings may also block access to the ESTA website. Some ISP’s may get blocked due to spam concerns and in that situation applicant has to contact their local internet services provider (ISP) for assistance.
  • Sometimes the system does not accept the applicant’s phone number, it is advised to enter it again and never use any brackets ({[, hyphens, or space between the numbers.
  • If the system does not accept the passport number of the applicant, try to enter it without any space between numbers.
  • Keep it in mind that the system will not accept any special characters or accent marks, even in the names also. Only English letters are allowed with no special punctuation. The applicant has to enter their name as it is written in the machine-readable zone of their passport.
  • If the system may find an error in any required field, it will not allow the applicant to go to the next page. To continue further it is essential to resolve that error.
  • Sometimes the computer freezes up and it does not allow the applicant to continue. It shows most likely the browser problem and in this situation, applicants need to use a different computer.
  • Sometimes applicant receives an error message that says;

‘’There is already an application with that passport number in the system.’’

It is because the applicant has applied previously and they have a valid application the validity of more than 30 days. If the new application is a modified version of your last ESTA antrag than an applicant must click ‘’continue’’ to proceed with the new application.


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