EXVISA- A revolutionary step towards secure traveling

EXVISA- A revolutionary step towards secure traveling

Tolga Akcay is a Turkish-German entrepreneur with having American vision is a person who has earned everything in his life own his own. Tolga loves to travel around the world and many times during his travel he felt the need of being independent of visa and passport tension. Mr. Tolga Akcay has an aim to provide facilities and comfort to the people around the world and he was struggling for a very long time to add his part of share in the betterment of people. He is the CEO of many business companies and providing financial stability to thousands of people who work in his organizations.

But, still, Tolga Akcay was in search of creating ways to transform this world into a far better place. Immigration issues and border securities are the main concern of every country and state. This serious concern makes traveling procedure more difficult and ties taking that is why Tolga Akcay has introduced the concept of Exvisa.


Exvisa is a revolutionary technology that will reconstruct the immigration work forever. Exvisa is about the safe and secure digitization of passport and visa. The digital visa and passport will provide freedom to move around the world in a more secure and stress-free way. Exvisa has used blockchain technology to create a foolproof security circle not only to protect sensitive data but to ensure the availability of it to the concern authorities whenever they need to get access. Exvisa technology has so many innovative features that will provide mainly the following benefits to the travel industry and international governments:

  • Secure immigration:

This online visa and passport availability will ensure a quick, easy, and secure immigration, emigration, or relocation process. It will add an extra layer of surveillance, to protect states, countries, and regions. Exvisa will assure the prevention of illegal immigration activities and electronic visa and passport facilities will reduce fraudulent travel documentation.

  • Foolproof security:

The use of blockchain technology for exVisa.com has created a state of the art security system that ensures the protection of data of an individual, along with the countries and companies who review it. It provides a risk-free feel to an individual for the safety and security of their important information. The involvement of blockchain technology in Exvisa is to create hacker free systematic way where every data must be cryptonize before adding into any blockchain. The transparent blockchain technology is a proven secured method of keeping data that is already in use by many well known high-risk firms.

  • Opening ways of opportunity:

Exvisa is not only about digital conversion of passport and visa in the most secure way, but it will provide an easy way to the countries and companies to make a targeted selection of candidates on the bases of their requirements and needs. It will provide a better way to the states and companies to select immigrants, according to their skill sets and ultimately every country would be able to satisfy their particular manpower needs with the immigrants who apply for the asylum.